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At Lykkeskolen AS you will find photo art, online courses and the opportunity to book an appointment for healing.

Common to these three is the experience of here and now.

I offer online courses for those who wish to achieve greater joy in life and new learning about yourself.

If you are interested in photo art you will find different mindfulness motives from moments in daily life in my online store.

Some photos you will get instant download after payment and others I send to you ready mounted in frame and numbered.

My background from photo is 10 years as a camera repairer. Now my passion is to use camera to capture the magic in daily life.

Anette Lundquist

Me: Anette Lundquist   Age:45

Education: muscular therapist with additional education in healing, life coaching and self hypnosis.

Work experience: worked with health-related services as a self-employed for 6 years and has completed self-development as a therapist.

Motivation: Lykkeskolen AS is started with the desire to contribute to growth and motivate you for greater awareness and progress.

Any questions? Please send me an email and I will reply as soon as possible!


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